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Understanding ADHD:

For those of you who came here from “This is What It’s Really Like to Have ADHD“, thank you for taking the time to visit this site and learn more about ADHD!

If you have ADHD yourself, welcome to the tribe — you are not alone! Everyone you saw in the video is a part of the super supportive How to ADHD community on YouTube. Find videos here

If you don’t have ADHD but care about someone who does, thank you for taking the time to learn about it. ADHD is more complicated than most people realize, and affects every aspect of our lives. Understanding can make a huge difference!

This is a video I made just for the hearts who love ADHD brains and want to know how to support them:

Here’s a recent TEDx talk I did to help people understand (I also talk about my personal struggle with ADHD, and why I started the channel):

In addition to my videos, here are some websites I highly recommend: 


ADDA (Attention Deficit Disorder Association)

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder)

ADDitude Magazine 

Totally ADD


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