What’s your name?

Jessica McCabe.

Do you have ADHD?

Yes, she does.

How did you get diagnosed?

Jessica was diagnosed by a doctor (after she realized that she has a lot in common with her aunt, who also has ADHD.)

How old were you when you got diagnosed?

Jessica was 12 years old.

How old are you?

Jessica is currently 35 years old.

What’s your job?

Jessica is now dedicated to this channel full time! Thank you to all our Patreon supporters who enabled her to make this her job!

How can I support you/help HowToADHD?

If you want to support what we do, and want us to keep making more videos, you can support us on Patreon, where you can get some cool perks! In addition, subtitling, sharing, liking, and commenting also helps us out a lot!

Also, so many of you have been asking for opportunities to help with the HowToADHD community and so the Community Management Team has decided to launch a volunteer team!! Interested? Apply Here! No experience necessary!

How does Patreon work?

Check out their helpful FAQ page!

How can I talk to you?

You can contact us through Facebook, Twitter, or Patreon.

I am a company/organization, looking to discuss business. Where can I contact you?

Please send all business inquiries to business@howtoadhd.com

Where can we find out updates or if videos are late?

Check out our Facebook and Twitter. We update you there!

Where can I send you things?

Here! (No food please!)

Jessica @ How to ADHD

P.O. Box 1526

Guasti, CA 91743

How do I submit subtitles?

You can submit subtitles through YouTube directly. Thank you for helping out!

Can you stop talking so fast?

Jessica has tried!  Luckily, YouTube lets you slow down the speed of the videos, and you can also turn on subtitles!

Do you blink?

Yes, but we cut out the majority of the blinking.

What made you start HowToADHD?

Jessica started HowToADHD as an ADHD toolbox, to help keep track of the various strategies learned and insights gained from having and living with ADHD. It’s also grown into an amazing community of Brains (and Hearts!) who support and help each other. Anyone looking to learn more about ADHD is welcome here!

What is a “Brain”/“Heart”?

A “Brain” is what we at HowToADHD call an individual who came to the channel for their own benefit, and a “Heart” is an individual that doesn’t necessarily engage with the channel to help themselves, but cares about someone who does, and seeks to better understand the loved one. However a “Brain” can also be used to describe an individual who enjoys/is subscribed to the HowToADHD community!

Are you a doctor?

No, Jessica is not a doctor, psychiatrist, or a trained medical professional. We don’t do the research – we research the research, and make the research understandable and accessible!  If you need medical help, have questions about medicines or treatment plans, or you’re looking for a diagnosis, please seek a professional!

How do I get an ADHD diagnosis?

Please see a medical professional. ie: a doctor, psychiatrist, or even a school counsellor.

*insert description of self* do I have ADHD?

We don’t know. As we’ve said before, Jessica not a doctor. That means we can’t diagnose you. It is also true that you can’t diagnose yourself, and no one online can diagnose you. Only a trained medical professional is qualified to make a diagnosis.

Can I get diagnosed at ____ age?

Yes you can get diagnosed at ANY age. Jessica herself was diagnosed at 12, but she had been experiencing the symptoms before that, although they hadn’t majorly impacted her life up until that point.

No one believes ADHD exists where I live/my family doesn’t believe in ADHD. What do I do?

Here at HowToADHD we aim to provide a safe, respectful, and welcoming community that help each other out. Whether you are a Brain, a Heart, or simply someone curious about ADHD, don’t worry! Everyone is welcome!

I’m scared about seeking professional help/diagnosis, what should I do?

It’s totally normal to be afraid of seeking a diagnosis and/or treatment. We want you to know that you aren’t alone in this, but we do encourage you to seek help if possible. We’re behind you!

I think I might have ADHD, how do I talk to my parents?

Check out the video we made on this very topic

Can you help me with talking to my child’s school/getting an IEP/504 plan?

Unfortunately, we are very busy at the moment and can not assist with individualized support. However, we wish you the best on getting the support you need.

How can I support my Brain/loved one with ADHD?

Have you checked out this video we made on the topic yet?

*insert description of self* can you give me some advice for living with ADHD?

Unfortunately, we are very squished on our a tight schedule of making videos, so we aren’t available to give out individualized advice.

Is ADHD real?

ADHD is one of the most well researched conditions and has been observed and recorded for many years. Try checking out the CHADD website where they further explain.

What causes ADHD?

While ADHD is one of the most comprehensively researched mental conditions in the world, sadly, the cause of ADHD is still widely debated and can likely be traced back to many different factors.

Can ADHD be developed through exposure to other ADHDers? Can I “catch” ADHD like I can “catch” the flu?

Unlike influenza, ADHD is a neurological condition, which means it isn’t viral or bacterial. This means it cannot be “caught” like the flu.

What’s the difference between ADHD and ADD?

ADD is an outdated term used to describe what we now called “ADHD – Primarily Inattentive Presentation”.

What’s it like to have ADHD? 

Check out our video explaining what ADHD is like! 

How does ADHD medication work?

Jessica is not a doctor, and is unable to comment upon topics such as medication. We recommend you talk to a trained medical professional. Also, “SciShow Psych” has made an amazing video explaining this!

I am concerned about ADHD medication. Is ADHD medication bad or dangerous? What are the side effects? Will it make me a zombie?

As different medications will work differently for everyone, it’s important that you find what works the best for you. Unfortunately, that means we can’t tell you if certain medications will work for you, but we can tell you that they aren’t bad or dangerous.

I don’t like my medication/treatment, what should I do?

We recommend you talk to your doctor, and bring up any concerns you have with them.

Once diagnosed, do I have to disclose my diagnosis to my work/school/family/friends?

Once you’re diagnosed, you don’t have to disclose that information to anyone if you aren’t comfortable with it. What you do with your own personal medical information is up totally up to you.

I do not have/am not diagnosed with ADHD/I have ADD, am I still welcome?

It does not matter if you are a “Brain”, a “Heart”, or simply someone curious about ADHD, you are ALL welcome!

How can I make topic suggestions?

Our Brain Board members of  Patreon meet monthly to discuss any HowToADHD updates, make topic suggestions, and hang out! Our SUPERBrain Patrons then have the chance to vote on topics for upcoming episodes. In addition, Patrons of any level can access our new Discord chat room, and make topic suggestions there!

I keep losing my stuff, what do I do?

Have you heard of Tile?

How do I make a DIY fidget toy?

Try filling a balloon with oatmeal or rice or anything that isn’t dangerous, and tie it up!

Is (blank) A fidget? Can this be a fidget?

A fidget is anything that can be used to divert wandering attention (typically in an atypical way for the object) and occupy this attention whilst we work on something else. As has been proved many times, literally ANYTHING (not dangerous) can be used as a fidget. Pencils, pens, bits of paper, rice in a sock, bouncy balls, caps, bottles, the list goes on.

I contacted you earlier. Why haven’t you responded yet?

Thank you so much for reaching out! As we do have a high volume of incoming comments, messages, and E-mails, it is not possible to respond to them all. However, we do make an effort to read and respond to as many of you as we can. Thank you for your understanding!

Do you have a Facebook group or another online group I could join?

Sadly, we do not. However if you would like to interact more with the community, we have a Facebook page and a Twitter! Additionally, we now have forums, which can be found here!

Can I interview you for a school project?

Although we’re flattered, we are not currently available for interviews. If business related, please contact business@howtoadhd.com.

Can I have a one on one conversation with you? (phone, text, etc)

Unfortunately, Jessica really can’t do one-on-one conversations because most of their time is taken up making more videos!

Can you help me/provide tips and advice for starting my own YouTube channel/blog/group/awareness campaign?

Sadly, most of Jessica’s time is taken up making more videos, so it makes it difficult to offer individualized advice! For YouTube tips, check this video series out!