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Hi Brains! Isa here! Today is Bell Let’s Talk Day, a day that revolves around helping us inch towards stigma-free mental health! There are a few different ways we can help support this wonderful cause: (Please note anything texting/calling related is Canada only but the rest can be done by anyone! When any of these are done Bell will donate …

Calling all Brains (and Hearts)!

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Hi everyone!! This is Dooka from Community Management, bringing you an announcement! Many people have been asking the same question: How can I help the HowToADHD community? Well you’re in luck! The Community Management Team has decided to launch a volunteer team!! You can apply Here! And don’t worry, there’s no experience necessary, everyone is welcome to join! ~Dooka

VidCon 2018

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Hi, Isa here! Just a quick post to announce that, *dramatic pause* HowToADHD will be at VidCon this year! More info in this video:  Make sure to follow us on Twitter @HowToADHD and turn notifications on to never miss our updates! Hope to see you there! ~ Isa


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Hello everyone! We interrupt your browsing with a short aside. It has recently come to the attention of Isa and I (Dooka) that there hasn’t been a blog post for this on the website, even though there probably should be one. By “this” I mean the hashtag #ITakeMyPillsBecause that was sparked by a documentary on Netflix titled Take Your Pills …

Bullet Journal

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Taken from http://bulletjournal.com   I love planners. I love organizers. I’ve always been drawn to anything that promises to Tame the Chaos, because there is a staggering amount of internal chaos that comes with having an ADHD brain. It’s incredibly satisfying to me to “get organized.” But staying organized — that’s another matter. Turns out, my brain is used to …

Embrace the Journey

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Yesterday, Jessica tweeted out what I worked on for months, even close to a year. However, the majority of the current product was done over a few weekends in the past month, with barely any engineering or major operational work put into the final product… because the reality is that it’s just a WordPress website that I cooked up over …