The History of HowToADHD:

HowToADHD put out its first video on Jan. 5th, 2016. Originally created by Jessica McCabe in Fall 2015 to be an ADHD toolbox, she hoped to provide tips strategies and insights into ADHD from her own personal experiences. Although many of the current staff was brought on board at later dates, Edward, Jessica’s then-boyfriend and now husband believed in Jessica’s vision and has been helping her to create the show.

HowToADHD has grown quickly, with nearly 10,000,000 views and nearly 200,000 subscribers on YouTube as of May 30th, 2018. Jessica’s TEDxTalk on ADHD has been watched 10,000,000+ times on Facebook, and can be watched here.  

The community of viewers, subscribers, and supporters dubbed “Brains” (or those whom come to the channel for their own benefit or is subscribed/a part of the community), and “Hearts” (those whom love, support and seek to better understand Brains) actively participate in this close knit community, sharing stories and personal tips to help and support each other. None of this would be possible without them!


The Team:

Jessica McCabe

(Creator, host, researcher, writer, co-producer, editor, of HowToADHD)

  • Diagnosed at the age of 12 after displaying multiple personality similarities with her aunt.
  • Resides in Los Angeles
    • Born and raised in Los Angeles
  • Married to producing partner Edward
  • Jessica is not a mental health professional, but she is an ADHD expert who
    • Is dedicated to providing science-based information about ADHD
    • Has a research team who assists her
    • Does not claim to be a trained professional


(Producer, head of post production)

  • Diagnosed at the age of 35
  • Resides in Los Angeles
    • Originally from Florida
  • Married to producing partner Jessica



(Community Manager, Moderator of HowToADHD)

  • Also known as Isa
  • Formerly Intern and moderator of HowToADHD


(Community Manager, Moderator of HowToADHD)

  • Also known as Dooka
  • Formerly Intern and moderator of HowToADHD

Patrick LaCount

  • Primary research consultant for the channel

Rachelle LeDuc

  • Resident nurse-in-training

Jo Meleca-Voigt

  • Resident teacher and helper

Scot Melville

  • Head of website stuff and deployments and does not claim to be a front-end engineer. If you wish to help, you are welcome to contact him at scot@howtoadhd.com